Keyboard Matching Table

The Matching Table for iEGrow Bluetooth Keyboards and iPad Models

The following table is to help you quickly find out the Bluetooth keyboard model
which is compatible with your iPad model.
The Matching Table for iEGrow Bluetooth Keyboards and iPad Models
Release Year iPad Generation iPad Model iEGrow
Keyboard Model
2010 iPad 1st  Generation-9.7” A1219(WiFi)
2011 iPad 2nd Generation-9.7” A1395(WiFi),
A1396(GSM), A1397(CDMA)
2012 iPad 3rd Generation-9.7” A1416(WiFi+Cellular),
A1430(WiFi+Cellular), A1403(WiFi+Cellular, VZ)
2012 iPad 4th Generation-9.7” A1458(WiFi), A1459(WiFi+Cellular),
iPad Mini 1st Generation-7.9” A1432(WiFi),
A1454 (WiFi+Cellular),
A1455(WiFi+Cellular, MM)
2013 iPad Air 1st Generation-9.7” A1474(WiFi), A1475(WiFi+Cellular),
A1476(WiFi+Cellular, TD-LTE)
NewF8S,F180, F02, F18, F17
iPad Mini 2nd Generation-7.9” A1489(WiFi), A1490(WiFi+Cellular),
F8SMini, F18
2014 iPad Air 2nd Generation-9.7” A1566(WiFi), A1567(WiFi+Cellular) F8S+,F180,F02, F06, F18, F19
iPad Mini 3rd Generation-7.9” A1599(WiFi), A1600(WiFi+Cellular) F8SMini, F18
2015 iPad Pro 1st Generation-12.9” A1584(WiFi), A1652(WiFi+Cellular) F07, F16S+, F18
iPad Mini 4th Generation-7.9” A1538(WiFi), A1550(WiFi+Cellular) F8SMini+,F04, F1+
2016 iPad Pro 2nd Generation-9.7” A1673(WiFi), A1674/A1675(WiFi+Cellular) F8SPro, F180, F02, F06, F18, F19
2017 iPad 5th Generation-9.7” A1822(WiFi), A1823(WiFi+Cellular) NewF8S,F180, F02, F18, F17
iPad Pro-10.5” A1701(WiFi), A1709(WiFi+Cellular) F105, F360, F15S, F18
iPad Pro 2nd Generation-12.9” A1670(WiFi), A1671(WiFi+Cellular) F07, F16S+
The following table is to help you get to know all the iPad models which Apple have released.
If you want to gain more specific details, please view Apple website. 

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